We are engineering consultants with years of International exposure in Manufacturing & Product Design

We are a team of multi-talented individuals with a common motto. Our Firm always strive to augment every effort of farmers and local businesses using our international exposure by standardizing and optimizing technologies employed thereby taking agriculture to the next level and in the process accelerating rural growth.

Our Mission

Our motive is to enhance the productivity of Farms and farming the industry as a whole through the introduction of modern and cost-effective technologies which are better suited for each individual farms.

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Arun Sebastian 

Arun Sebastian is the true visionary behind our company, the driving force and mentor to the whole team. With a Broad Knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Agri Tech Applications, he got 15 years of experience working in India and New Zealand.


Prajeesh is one of the initiators of Agrarians, with an outstanding experience of almost 10 years in the Design and Manufacturing sectors both in India and New Zealand. He has good foresight and goal-driven.


Syam is one of the initiators of Agrarians, with almost 10 years of experience  in Agriculture machinery manufacturing, Fabrication & Maintenance Sectors both in India and New Zealand. He is passionate about agriculture, an energetic individual who oversees the operations.

Arun Joseph 

Arun Joseph is bold, ambitious young man with a go ahead attitude. He had done a post graduation in Computer Aided Design and possess years of experience in mechanical design sector both in India and New Zealand


Priya is an IT Expert , a down to earth person with years of experience in the IT and Marketing Sectors. She is clear sighted and Pro active.


Ragesh is an effective communicator with vast experience in substantial law and legal Procedures. He got a forward thinking attitude with excellent decision making skills.


Rahul is an automation expert with years of experience working for various companies in United Arab Emirates (UAE).He is very positive , innovative and farsighted.                                       


Sonu is a hardworking, honest and brilliant fabricator with years of handson experience in the engineering industries back in UAE.